Our Programs


Bicycle Repair (Mechanics)

One of the main jobs in our bike shop is fixing up bicycles. Youth are taught a viable job skill and life skill in the maintenance and repair of bicycles by qualified volunteer mechanics.  These skills can be used to provide and maintain personal transportation as well as being used as a legitimate job opportunity in the future.  Most mechanic skills are taught in a one on one, hands on context.  We also offer group mechanic “seminars” to train both youth and volunteers how to repair and maintain their own bicycle.


Rides and Adventures

We maintain a fleet of both Mountain and Road bikes, helmets, gloves, water bottles, glasses, and all the equipment needed to host a bicycle ride or trip. We periodically host trips and bring kids to local trails and paths for good clean outdoor fun and exercise on a bicycle.  All of our trips are hosted by loving mentors and volunteers, so it proves to be a wonderful opportunity to further build relationships with the youth.


Earn-a-Bike (Bike Bucks)

 Our earn-a-bike program rewards youth for the time they put into the bike shop and our programs (this includes the mobile shop). Youth earn “Bike Bucks” for the time they invest to redeem for a new bike, parts, or accessories.  In turn, we have created a mini economy which helps the youth to dream, set goals, learn proper work ethic and workplace conduct, learn to manage their finances, and much more. The youth that work in the program are held to high standards as expected in the workplace.